Jif vs GIF

Campaign web design
Time Frame: 2 weeks

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My contributions
Collaboration with SEO
Creating user journeys
Developing Wires
Updating Informational Architecture
Providing oversight on design


Jif set out to prove once and for all that there is only one Jif…and it is peanut butter. Jif teamed up with GIPHY, the world’s largest GIF search engine, to settle the great debate over how to pronounce GIF.

The campaign had several phases before we were able to website launch in order to generate excitement and encourage participation for the debate. 
The website layout displayed two sides of the argument, although clearly siding with one (the hard G side). The beginning starts off with agreeing with the hard G pronounciation showing actual qutoes from professors and linguists as well as tweets. By showing the debate, we encourage others to join in and show how they could participate.

The other side, the soft G pronounciation, has a satirical approach with the TV spot of Jerry Joodman. In the video, he says all the words with a typical hard-g pronounciations as a soft G. We included several tweets for both sides of the argument that were manually entered for the site.

Designed GIFs and Pages

We helped tag the GIFs on GIPHY and worked with creatives to work with the client's CMS system.

Milk-Bone ReDesign

Web Redesign

Smucker's Redesign

Web Redesign

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