Smucker's Redesign

Web redesign
Time frame: 2 months
Collaborators: SEO, PM. account, creatives, and devolopment

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My contributions
Auditing site
Competitive research
Collaborating with SEO
Developing wires
Updating informational architecture
The client wanted to redesign the homepage as well as provide a navigation update for their new category line. They were looking to incorporate a campaign page and wanted to see where that would fit into the project. This project developed into a redesign to help users find their way around the site while providing a different experience.

Discovery phase + Site Map update

We first audited the site and had SEO insight on creating a new design. We found that consumers would not look for the newly categorized product lines, fruit spreads, but instead search for jam. Consumers mostly do not know the difference between between jam, jelly, preserves, and marmalade, they know fruit flavors. From there, we developed a new site map that simplifies the nav and introduce a new way for users to find their product.

Three User Flows

The current site only goes through products by category, but we introduced finding products through flavor. We did provide expertise on how to improve the page and incorporate the flavor. The recipes content was also redesigned, so we provided three flows.

3 Flows
1. User chooses to see product sorted by category
2. User chooses to see product sorted by flavor
3. Recipe flow
First flow

User chooses to see product by category

Second flow

User chooses to see product by flavor

The main difference between the two flows would be the content seen on the category page and integration in the nav. The user can scroll through the flavor selector and see all the products across different categories.

Third flow

User chooses to go through recipe

The main addition we provided was creating a hub and additional components to help users sift through the various recipes. An improved filter, creating more icons to describe the cooking process, and an updated recipe page layout.

Thank you for reading!

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