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Product design
Time Frame: 5 months

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My contributions
Conducting surveys and interview
Researching competitive brands
Creating prototypes for an app
Branding for app and pharmacy
Designing infographic posters
My goal is to create an ideal place for the patient, as well as for the healthcare providers. Because there are many obstacles to consider, I have decided to create a speculative design in response to changing a deeply rooted system. I aim to give the patient more agency in the process, which will make both parties’ lives easier. I also wanted to promote a healthier environment between the patient and pharmacist.


There are many pain points for patients in both the pharmacy and hospital setting. The hospital has a complex system in place and could use an improvement, starting off with signages and procedures. Pharmacies could also use a lift in signages and communication, and at the time, there were no apps for ordering and refilling prescriptions. Based on the public survey, it seems that the pharmacy had many pain points that I could help improve.


Most patients spend a long time at the doctor's office and will feel frustrated if they encounter more problems pharmacy. They might also have to wait for their medications if the pharmacy is backed up. Because the retail pharmacy can get extremely busy, it's difficult to get a hold of the pharmacist. Not only that, running into insurance problems is quite common and can lead to more frustrations.

Businesses wants patients to buy their medications at a retail speed level, and time their workers to respond ASAP. Pharmacists have to make sure they do not have any callers or prescriptions waiting or else they would get flagged.

Slow and old technology frustrations with long insurance call times can aggravate the pharmacists. With corporate also setting hard and inhumane rules (ex. taking away any chairs so they are forced to stand), pharmacists can get stressed while working at a retail setting.

Ideate & Sketch




I also wanted to organize the information so that it could be read on each side instead of being constantly turned to read one sentence (which is usually the directions).Not only does it help with readability, it also helps those with arthritis by preventing wrist turns each time they read the label.

Mobile App Screens

Many thanks to those that have participated and helped this project come along. Thank you for reading!

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