Milk-Bone Redesign

Web redesign
Time frame: 2 months
Collaborators: SEO, PM. account, creatives, and devolopment

Reposition around the new brand architecture surrounding 3 brand pillars: Heart, Body, and Mind
Optimize site experience for the consumers
Optimize the shopping and checkout experience

My contributions
Auditing site
Collaboration with SEO
Creating user journeys
Developing wires
Updating informational architecture
Providing oversight on design


Ages 18-65
Owns adult dogs (1+ years old)
Users familiar with Milk Bone who are coming back to the site:
They want to explore more dog content and find their product
First time users who do not really know much about Milk Bone:
 They want to explore what products and services are offered

Research and synthesis

Worked with search engine optimization on findings
Initial Analysis
1. Milk-Bone lacks in search engine rankings and content for high-demand searched topics related to dog treats.
2. New visitors might not be familiar with the brand product names, which lack context to understand the products.
3. The site content also has little content and experience to offer on the website beyond basic product information.
4. Create content for future lifestyle relevance that truly reflects the fun in dog life.

Competitve Research

We looked at several competitive brands that fell into three categories: in-category, adjacent, and human related. Based on the findings, lifestyle and specialized brands had a strong brand philosophy that clearly communicate what they stand for. Specialized brands tell their product/service innovation story and elaborate for customers to learn why they are different.

How can we shift current unhealthy perception of Milk-Bone and optimize the web experience?

Based on research, non-users tend to consider Milk-Bone a more impersonal brand that one would grab at the store last minute. The brand wanted to shift this perception by having the consumer interact with the broader portfolio on site and online.


Informational Architecture Proposal
Although the client wanted to incorporate the three new branding principles of heart, body, and mind, we advised to keep products more explicit in the products offered. The navigation should help a user easily find and discover new products without having them to decipher the navigation.

User Flow - Products

Design system

Before Screen: Navigation

After Screen: Navigation

Before Screen: Homepage

After Screen: Homepage

Before Screen: Category & Subcategory

After Screen: Category

Net New Brand Sub-Brand Page

Before Screen: Product Display Page

After Screen: Product Display Page

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